"When I was little I used to think about what it would feel like to die and would sit quietly for a longtime thinking about it until I could feel my body go cold/numb. Then suddenly I would be looking at myself from across the room and I would feel this panic and then be back in my body. I did this a lot, always with the same reaction, but the last time I did it I was in my freshman year of high school.

I sitting in my room alone. As I thought about what it would be like and how it would feel I started to feel the cold/numbness, but this time I wasn't scared, I was too curious. So I am looking at myself from across the room and this time I take in the details.

I notice that there are these "threads" that are spreading away from my body, some were close together and I decide to follow them. They lead me to my living room where my brothers, father, and sister are, one had cut slightly at a different angle from me and was connected to my mother in the kitchen.

I could see more of these "threads" spreading away from my family members and I noticed that they had different thickness if you looked closer. I followed the thickest one from my youngest-older-brother and it lead me to his girlfriends house on the military base over fifteen minutes drive from out house. I realized I was flying and could go anywhere as fast as I wanted, it was an amazing feeling.

Then, as I had stopped high above the world and I was looking down, I started to hurt deep in my chest and felt afraid. Snap back to my bedroom and back in my body and my father was shaking me. He looked scared and I started breathing as though I had been holding my breath forever.

They said that he was getting me for dinner and found me on the floor having a seizure, but I had never had one before and have never had one since. There were a bunch of tests an scans, but nothing conclusive. I have never told my family about this. My parents broke up when I turned 18, I can't help but remember that my mother and father were connected by a very thin "thread".