"Miten huomata edesmenneen lähettämä viesti? Rakkaasi ovat vain ajatuksen päässä, ja voit yhä kommunikoida heidän kanssaan. He tahtovat puhua kanssasi yhtä paljon kuin sinäkin heidän kanssaan. Sielusi lähettää jatkuvasti parantavia ja opastavia viestejä merkkien ja symbolien avulla. Kun opit tunnistamaan nämä viestit ja toimit niiden mukaan, kokonainen uusi maailma avautuu. Olemme, ja tulemme aina olemaankin yhteydessä toisiimme.

Harjoituksia ja tekniikoita joilla voit laajentaa tietoisuuttasi yli fyysisten aistiesi."






"Your soul is constantly sending you messages of healing and guidance in the form of signs and symbols.
Once you learn to recognize these messages, and act on them ... a whole new world will open up for you!"
JOHN HOLLAND - Spiritual Teacher & Psychic Medium

What happens when a loved one passes into the Spirit World.
The signs and symbols your loved ones use to get your attention, and how to recognize when they're sending a message.
How mental telepathy acts as a bridge between this world and the next.
How meditation can be used to enhance your connection with Spirit.
Exercises and techniques to develop your own mediumistic skills and some of John's "best practice" methods.
How to use your specific psychic strengths to become a more sensitive receptor for spirit messages.

Losing a loved one is one of the most profoundly challenging times that we're likely to face at some point in our lives. It’s a highly emotional time, one where unanswered questions can cause you to question your own beliefs about life after death. This book will help the bereaved by giving them comfort and inspiration in knowing that there really is life after physical death. As John says: "Your loved ones are just a thought away, and you can still communicate with them." In Bridging Two Realms, John shows how you can make contact with your loved ones in the Spirit World. He reveals the mechanics and techniques he uses to extend your awareness beyond your physical senses so you can pursue the unfoldment of your own psychic and mediumship potential. John says: “We’re all spiritual beings with unlimited potential and we are and always will be connected to each other.”