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Reserve Corps of Destiny

"Every planet has a Reserve Corps of Destiny which is in the service of the superhuman administration of that planet. The members of this corps are mortals of the planet, and in normal times they are not numerous. But in a crisis this corps needs more members and consequently more mortals are admitted to this service.
Your planet is now nearing such a crisis. When we have been telling you about some men being prepared to be helpers of their brothers, we have been talking about this corps. Already years back this corps began to engage more mortals to be ready to meet the crisis which now is at hand.
Those new members have had their spiritual evolution speeded up after having in their spirit promised to join the reserve corps. Among them are men and women from nearly every field and of every age, but they all have this wish to help their brothers. That is a condition for being admitted to the reserve corps.
The corps is now bigger than ever in the history of your planet, and more and more mortals are joining up all the time. After that their spiritual education really begins. We from the higher planes are directing it, but you mortals will realize it on your plane.
This requires self-education and always following our directions. During this self-education period these pupils develop spiritual senses and those channels which we need for sending good spiritual power to your world. This may take a year for one person and even six years for another. It depends on very many things, but sooner or later they will be ready for their task and at need they will be used as helpers of their brothers and of their world.
In such a crisis as your planet now is nearing thousands and thousands of these members of the reserve corps are needed. And when a critical situation arises, they will get directions from us. They will know exactly how to act, because their own spirit guides or teachers will give them clear instructions. You understand of course what an enormous help this will be for solving difficult situations.
We know that numerous mortals believe that you children of Earth are highly evolved and the only living beings in the whole Universe. When they learn how wrong they have been, they will of course have a terrible shock, and in such cases the reservists will be of great help. Theirs is not an easy task, but they will do their best to calm down the shocked ones.
Most of those taken into the reserve corps are mortals whom the material life has never satisfied. They have always been longing for something better, holier and more beautiful, and they all have higher ideals than the average man has. In consequence of this they have been truth seekers all their lives. And now that they are taken into this corps they feel they are finally doing something worth while. And this is the truth, because they will be doing a service for both the superhuman administration of your planet and for its mankind."