"This is a very good depiction by a talented graphic artist of what its like to be transported by a "Sphere Being" from my home to the "LOC". The travel is almost instantaneous and there is a feeling of time/space "Blurring" or "Smearing" in the initial moment of "Take Off".

The moon is an ancient "Device" or space station that was built by the "Ancient Builder Race". It is hollow after hundreds of feet of debris that have collected on it. It is also the perfect place for these various "ET's" to observe their "Grand Experiment" on Earth.

These are ALL Physical Face to Face encounters/meetings with both the SSP Alliance, the Sphere Being Alliance (Blue Avians) and the other ET Federation Conferences. The Orb comes into my room and is the size of about a golf ball. it zig zags around until I stand up and indicate I am ready. It then stops about 18 inches from my chest and expands rapidly and I am then inside the orb "Weightless". It then leaves at a super rate of speed and I arrive at my destination within moments. This process will occur again in the early morning hours tomorrow morning when I am scheduled to appear as a delegate at the Human Like ET Super Federation Conference. Afterward I will be brought to one of the Spheres to meet with Tear-Eir and then will be transported in the same manner back home where almost no time will have transpired locally.

My wife and my dog have witnessed much. My wife was taking photo's of the landing marks and where my foot prints stopped in the yard and yards away where they began again walking back towards the house (W/her cell phone) back when I was being picked up/dropped off by the small 5 person SSP Shuttle. Not 2 years ago she was the biggest skeptic in the world but went through a sudden awakening about things. Just in time, because otherwise all of these new activities would probably have ended our marriage.

Lots of people (Mostly Star Seeds) are getting rides to SSP Alliance Conferences in recent months. You never know.

Any 6th Density or higher being can appear anywhere they like by just consciously "Thinking It So". If you are being contacted by a group that claims to be 6th+ Density and gives you excuses why they will not appear to you then it is time to become suspicious.

It is not to say you can just contact these being out of curiosity or wanting proof of other life and they will appear to you if you send out a mental signal either. That is a good way to open yourself up to negative contact and manipulation.

These 6th+ Density beings think and behave on a level that we cannot comprehend in our current density. Some take that as an insult but it is a basic truth. They do live by a Natural Law and a sort of "Prime Directive".

There are quite a lot of lower Density Beings (3rd, 4th & 5th) that masquerade as gods and higher beings to deceive and manipulate people all of the time. They can put on quite impressive displays and end up attracting quite a few "Followers".

Positive 6th and higher Density beings will discourage followers, religions, cults or the people they are speaking through as presenting themselves as "Guru's". They will work to teach you that you need to find the answers within. There are no light forces coming to save you. There are no ascended masters or ET's that are going to come down and end the rule of the "Elite" and change the world. Beings of this level are going to encourage us to make these changes ourselves and to become apart of the process.  The beings are NOT going to save us... They are not here to save us from ourselves... They have made this extremely clear in their message that we have the power of saving ourselves via our mass consciousness and we will be our own saviors. If they came down and saved us we would learn nothing and would repeat the same history over and over. All of this information has been shared before and those who have looked at it in depth should understand by now that we should stop waiting for outside saviors to make the change and that we are responsible for doing it.

It is up to each of us to use our individual discernment filters and not our wishful thinking to decide what our truth will be. We are so encapsulated in our individual reality bubbles that we avoid any information that may pop them.

We need to decide if we will remain sheep or will be truly sovereign and reclaim our power of consciousness and its ability to directly effect reality. It is either that or sit back and complain, have a negative attitude (Say this can't work) and wait for someone else to do the work."




"Valojoukkoja ei ole saapumassa pelastamaan sinua, vaan he rohkaisevat meitä tekemään muutokset itse. Jos he laskeutuisivat, emme oppisi mitään vaan tekisimme uudelleen samat virheet. Meidän täytyy lopettaa odottamasta ulkopuolisia pelastajia, olemme itse vastuussa. Jokaisen on käytettävä henkilökohtaista suodatinta eikä luottaa pelkkään toiveikkuuteen päättääksemme mikä totuutemme tulee olemaan. Olemme niin sidoksissa omien totuuskupliemme sisälle että välttelemme kaikkea tietoa joka voisi poksauttaa ne. Meidän täytyy päättää olemmeko lampaita vai otammeko uudelleen käyttöön oman tietoisuuden voimamme ja sen kyvyn vaikuttaa suoraan todellisuuteemme. Joko näin tai istumme alas ja valitamme, pitäen negatiivisen mielipiteen ja odotamme jonkun muun tekevän työn."

Suomennan tätä lisää myöhemmin. Kyseessä siis sisäpiirilähde joka on yhteydessä hyväntahtoiseen E.T. -ryhmään. Kuvassa selitys miten hänet siirretään avaruuteen tapaamisiin. Orbi ilmestyy yleensä aamuyöllä, asettuu hänen rinnan korkeudelleen ja laajenee palloksi. Lisää siis myöhemmin ja voitte lukea täältä: