A simple fisherman was living peacefully in his village with his family, fishing for his family’s needs and for the rest of his time he was relaxing, napping, playing instruments and enjoying the company of his family and friends. Until a businessman came to the village, and suggested that man should send more of his time out at sea. He could fish so much more, sell the rest of the fish and earn more money. Eventually he could branch out, build a bigger business, buy bigger boats and eventually start his own canned food distribution network. The fisherman could then move out of the village into the city and live close to the headquarters of his new business.

“And then what?” asks the fisherman.
“Then you could live like a king in your own house, you could sell the shares of your company and become very rich!”

“And then what?” asks the fisherman again.
“You could retire, and spend all of your time relaxing, napping, playing instruments and enjoying the company of your family and friends.”

“Isn’t that what I am doing right now?”



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