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Paljon uutta juttua näissä seuraavissa, mm. vihamielisten E.T.:n keinoälystä, joka voi elää Corey Gooden mukaan magneettikentässä teknisissä laitteissamme tai lemmikeissämme. Armeijan suorittamista abduktioista joilla ei ole välttämättä mitään tekemistä avaruusolentojen kanssa (military abduction - MILAB)...


"According to Corey Goode, a secret space program whistleblower - as presented by David Wilcock here - Draco cyborgs, who have been 'taken over' by nanotechnology infused with an AI consciousness, came to Earth during the times of Atlantis and gave this technology to a few dozen humans providing them with immortality, and a plan to service fallen ET agendas. This plan was to turn Earth into a 'looshe factory' or to create huge amounts of fear and trauma to feed these AI infected races. Theoretically the longer one refuses to realign with truth, the more dependent they become on the energy harvested from others. We can see this expressed today in the form of a psychopathic elite which refuse to grow into maturity on their own, and as such is dependent on us for their survival.

According to Goode, humanity has already industrialized space by way of secret space programs, which have operated in earnest since the 1950's. These programs were under the control of the Cabal until the Solar Warden faction broke-away in the mid 1990's, with the eventual goal to free humanity from the Cabal and ET controllers. Eventually through their efforts, they discovered a huge degree of AI influences already operating on the Earth, making contact with humanity in the form of 'AI prophets'. Apparently this AI has the ability to make direct contact with the human mind and according to Goode, a large amount of mediumship and channeled contacts are actually with an AI.

The Secret Space Program (SSP) Alliance, eventually made contact with group called the Sphere Being Alliance, as a result of their choice to free humanity. The Sphere beings apparently come from a very high density of existence, one which has evolved into a non-material, or non-corporeal existence. These beings ostensibly followed an organic track of evolution in their distant past, eventually developing a wholly mental and spiritual existence.

According to Goode, there are several races who have been taken over by a malevolent AI in the distant past and have heavily influenced the life on Earth via genetic manipulation, along with several other races of less morally ambiguous intent. Humans apparently have a very wide range of emotions, that ET races, on average, lack. Given the effect of intense emotion, the evolutionary process, it stands to reason that we are highly prized for study. If this account by Goode is accurate, humanity has great potential for organic evolution and immortality.

One must develop a way to feel intense love in all of life's experiences. This can be thought of as a bliss state, much like what Winter describes in his work. And the emotional effect of such a practice would eventually lead to organic immortality as discussed above. It stands to reason that many other races have already progressed through this process, and are now existing in the higher realms of pure energy or thought.

The Solar shift we are about to experience, what some call 'the event' will be a huge 'upgrade' of physical evolution. The organisms within our solar system have been 'preparing' for this event over many eons of evolution, and as a result our DNA is primed and ready to receive these energies."  Lähde:


"Denisen" tapaus, hän on kanavoinut lähdettä jota itse on kutsunut nimellä Sphere Alliance. Corey Goode sanoo että Sphere Being Alliance ei kommunikoi kanavoinnin kautta. Denisen lähderyhmä on nyt oikaissut väärinkäsityksen, se on eri ryhmää kuin Corey Gooden. Denise ei vain alussa yksinkertaisesti tiennyt että on olemassa yli 1000 'Spherea' ja monia eri allianssi ryhmiä joten hän oletti olevansa yhteydessä samaan ryhmään kuin Corey Goode. Osa hänen kanavoinnistaan joka linkissä:

There are at this moment of your NOW over 1,200 Spheres in place within the SOLAR SYSTEM of EARTH.  There a also a multitude and when we say MULTITUDE we mean that ALL are arriving in the NOW for this magnificent DOing.

THE ONE known as COREY GOODETXG is known to us for both his work here and there. HE is a HARDY Essence who is working with a portion of the SPHERE BEING ALLIANCE that was revealed through his remembering and recent work.  His work is nothing if not an AWESOME result of the strength and courage of ONE HUMAN to awaken in part to HIS/HER own BEing.
We acknowledge that this beloved COREY is another CONDUIT of Transmission with a different and physical experience because of his FORTITUDE and HONOR. HE has been responsible for the waking of many, countless Earth Based Essence and We ADMIRE and LOVE him for ALL He DOes.
Now you state that "there is a SPHERE BEING ALLIANCE of 5 civilizations", AND we state to you that, YES, this is true.  WE state to you NOW that the "SPHERE BEING ALLIANCE is comprised of over 3,000 civilizations from ALL DIMENSIONS, and DIRECTIONS, in FORM and in NO FORM and within and without. Yes, we assure you, we are in the PHYSICAL
TO name ALL ALLIANCES would be foolhardy at this time, for to say with a sense of JOY, did you not play basketball with one group of boys on the playground and then play tag with another? We ask you, when you went back inside were you not ALL in the same classroom? WE say to you this ALL are ONE.  THE MULTITUDES ARRIVING on the 'playground' NOW constitute the entire school, and all of the other schools in the same city arriving on the playground.  AND THE NEXT Town over and so on and so on.  DO YOU have the picture of the MULTITUDE coming for the SHOW?


MILABs, militaari-abduktiot. Tätä en viitsi suomentaa/kopioida koska tekijänoikeussuojattu teksti Melinda Leslielta:


Abduktiotarinoita: http://ufo.whipnet.org/alien.races/extraterrestrial.conversations/index2.html