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Mikä on universaali 432 Hz ja miten se vaikuttaa:

(Musiikkia kannattaa varmaan etsiä muualta kuin youtubesta, ne saattavat olla 440 Hz vaikka toisin väitetään tekstissä...)


Gabrielle Orr; Olla jonkin arvoinen. Alennatko itsesi, kerrot ettet tarvitse jotain, voit tyytyä vähempään ja löydät syitä sille? Katso elämääsi ja kysy itseltäsi heijastaako se omaa arvoasi vai puutetta? Katso elämääsi vuoden päähän jos muutat asioita tai jos pysyt samassa. Keskity vain unelman luomisprosessiin, älä yritä keksiä tarkalleen missä raha, uusi partneri tai ura on.

"Statements like, “I don’t need millions of dollars and material things, but I would like an okay job and just enough to pay my bills” are not really serving us.

The Course in Miracles teaches, all decisions come from either fear or love.  Deciding you are worthy of the hotel's more expencive ocean view is a love decision. Choosing the street view is based on the fear, believing in lack.

Some advice on how to improve you worthiness.

1) Observe your thoughts about your money, relationships and success. Are you putting yourself down, telling yourself that you don’t need this or find reasons why you can’t have it? Become aware of your thoughts, believes and attitudes.

2) Be willing to change your old believes and patterns. Look at your life and ask yourself, is this an expression of my worthiness or does it reflect lack? Think about where you will be in a year from now if you do not change and where you could be if you commit to changing your thoughts and patterns.

3) Think about how your life would be once you’ve changed. What would it be and feel like if you allow yourself to stay in the nicer hotel room? How would you walk and talk if you buy the outfit you really like rather than the one that’s on sale? Daydream about being prosperous, being comfortable being rich and successful and imagine what you would look like if you would be adored and loved by your partner.

4) Only focus on the design aspect of your dream and creation. Stop yourself from trying to figure out where the money, partner, and career would come from. The Universe has a much better chance to do this for you than you could ever imagine. When you can trust the process of life you will be and have what you desire.

You deserve to be happy in all areas of your life and I am your greatest cheerleader.