Ennustuksia joita henkilö ei ole halunnut julkaista aiemmin koska ajatteli niiden pelottavan ihmisiä. Niiden mukaan Pohjois-Amerikassa lisääntyvät maanjäristykset, kaaos, korruptoitunut hallitus kaatuu ja ihmisten täytyisi varautua muutamien viikkojen ruokatarvikkeisiin ja jopa muuttamaan joiltakin alueilta pois kevään/alkukesän aikana. Mutta uusi aika on alkanut, paha täytyi tuhota että heidän suunnitelmansa päättyisi. Rahatalous romahtaa kaikkialla.

"Vaikutat henkilökohtaiseen elämääsi sekä pohjaan jolla kuljet, tämä ilmenee etenkin tietoisuudessa ja hyväksynnässä. Valotyöntekijät ja he jotka lukevat näitä sanoja ovat ihmiskunnan paras toivo pehmeään muutokseen, koska puhtaan sydämen vaikutus on monia kertoja suurempi kuin sellaisen joka on sidoksissa egoon, vihaan, pelkoon ja itseriittoisuuteen."

Sophia: "Hoida fyysiset ja henkilökohtaiset asiasi parhaimpasi mukaan nyt, myöhemminkin on aikaa, mutta tilanne on tällähetkellä harhauttavan stabiili. Emme tiedä kauanko olemme tässä tilanteessa. Laskuvarjohyppy on hyvä metafora kaikelle tälle, pelottavaa, mutta sen haluaa tehdä uudelleen. Valotyöntekijät ovat ensimmäisiä "hyppääjiä". Talouden ja maapallon mullistukset ovat peilikuva siitä mitä tapahtuu sisäisesti. Olen ollut yhteydessä olentoihin monta vuotta. Heidän kontaktipyyntönsä ovat lisääntyneet ja niitä on nyt joka päivä."

21.8. 2015 saapunut viestinsä osa: "Sinun kannattaisi valmistautua varhaiseen lähtöön - ei tästä maailmasta pois täysin vaan toistaiseksi. Tuhoava voima on ottanut vallan maassasi, Pohjois-Amerikka muuttuu maanjäristysten vuoksi."

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What follows is the third and last part of the prophecy.  Part I can be read here. Part II can be read here. Offered first are a few descriptions of how these come to be published now, this last part of May 2016.

They were initially received ten months ago.  Due to the content, they were not shared.  Five months later, another was received.  Again, it was not published.

Then, a week ago, on May 18th, 2016, I felt as if they suddenly had to be published, (with no plan for doing so beforehand).

That same day I woke up with physical evidence that indicated I’d been visited. When I asked about it, the message I received was this:

“You had to publish these prophecies and needed a push to do so.  That push came from us.”

This conversation took place at 3:00 AM on December 23rd, 2015.
It is verbatim.

Did someone wake me up?

Yes.  It is I.  It is One.

Are you here with something to say or to answer my questions?

I am here for both circumstances.

Go ahead then.

There is a message for you to dispense.  It is not a small, unimportant or easy one.  Yet it is one of the reasons for your involvement at all.  You’ve been chosen to do some very specific work.

It is your job to remind the people of what is to come so that they become prepared and can and are able to move when it’s time to move.

It is your purpose to encourage, to dispense truth, and also to warn.  Many of your readers are from places to be affected.  A warning will aid them which will in turn aid the local population.  Your readers follow you for a reason.  They are aware of your knowing.  It is all part of a greater plan.

What is that plan?

The plan includes a prophecy that comes true – your words are then trusted.  You are sought for help.  You know what is to happen and are chosen.

This cannot be avoided Sophia.  It is seen that you are hesitant.  How will it feel to have known and done nothing?  It will feel wasteful, useless even.

 I do not see how scaring people with tales of impending chaos and destruction is helpful.

It is not the tales of destruction that are helpful but your words around them.  This is foretold.  There is no other way.  The New Age can begin and has begun.  The dark ones had to be destroyed so that their plan would end.  They will not succeed.

There is soon to be destruction which throws your government into chaos and maroons many people. Warn them.

What can people do to prepare?

They can have a plan for preparation and be open to relocation.  There will be some lift offs.

What does a plan for preparation look like?

Food, water, cash, the ability to go on a moment’s notice.

How much food?  For how long?

Weeks.  Not months.  There are many in the know and prepared now to carry out emergency measures.

Is there a date for this?

There is a time frame.  It is sooner – by summer’s end it will have transpired.  The sun’s activity is a catalyst.  It could be over by Spring – beginning, not end.  These are time frames in your world and not everywhere.  There is not a calendar date but events drive events.  You are waiting for a sign, a clear signal that things predicted will transpire.  The sign, the departure of “G/E” and the warnings all summer have happened for you.  It is global prophecy of which you speak.  Check it out and you will see most events have happened.

I see a reference to both prophecies and it’s been almost two years since Sharon passed.

Yes, it has.  There is a reason that prophecies are given and produced.  It is so that people see that continuity of truth is possible and that there is a greater hand overseeing all life.

What is your purpose in waking me today?

It is to tell you to share the prophecy in whatever method you find comfortable, yet share it none the less.  It is time.

Your warning from 6 months ago?

Yes.  There has been little to dissuade this ending in this fashion – only to speed it up.

Okay, I will have to think on this.  I will ask again once I do.

Yes.  You will.

This conversation ended.

The following conversation took place last week.  I was woken at 4:00 AM on the morning of May 20th, 2016. It is verbatim.

Is there someone who wants to connect?

There is, yes.

Go ahead then. Please introduce yourself.

It is I.  It is One.


Hello Sophia.  Your wish is for more information around the stated earlier events of catastrophe, cataclysm and collapse.  That information may now be shared as indeed the time for this moment is upon you.

The earth, Gaia, is preparing herself now to release and alter her surface as well as make her home a palatable one for all of you choosing to change with her.  You will see earthquakes occurring and there is a system of volcanoes as well preparing.

These things are due to increase in intensity and this does occur on your North American continent.  It is there where the running of one corrupt government occurs and although Gaia has softened her more dramatic eruptions of force, they’ve not stopped; they cannot, not completely.
In this way a platform for the New emerges and allows the change to be a sweeping one – impactful for all concerned.

Are you saying the plan has been changed?

Gaia is feeling her children and right now exerts extreme force to carry them through this as gently as she is able.  Yet force is necessary to impact a message and it will occur.

There will be casualties and destruction.

As you have seen on your continent with massive fires – there is destruction already.  Yes, this will continue.

Know that intentions and beliefs create in a tangible way and a goodly number of humans believe fervently in catastrophic, even apocalyptic ending events.

That being the case, there are no ways to proceed that do not mark this time in a physical and final manner.

There are people who see no reason or worth in speaking of this now or beforehand.  It evokes fear and anger.

This has been the case in all circumstances of foretelling.  It is not a favored thing and often ignored as valid.  There can be usefulness in warnings if seen that way – an awareness creates a clear image of what is not desired.

Certainly until these moments occur and the earth and her children move, there exists a co-creative effort.  Nothing moves without your participation.  All efforts and intents, thoughts and beliefs, are creative. 

You are having an effect not just on your personal life but on the ground you walk.

This effect will have a greater and clearer impact with self-awareness and acceptance.  The light warriors, light workers, those reading these words, are humanities best hope for a smooth transition as the effect of a clear heart is many times greater than one caught up in and embroiled in ego, anger, fear and self-worth.

I’m sorry, but I must go. (I had to prepare to leave for work.)

Yes.  Please continue in a greater amount of time when this is possible.  I sense many questions.

The conversation continued later that same day.

Is there someone who wishes to speak?

Yes there is Sophia. You will have to write now as if taking dictation.  We desire clarity and a precise message.

Know that there are no mistakes and all proceeds as planned.

You have a message to share and you did so.  The fact that you waited so long to make it a public one may muddy the waters, yet it does not dilute the message.  It was meant to be given exactly as it was heard.

This is not a game of “telephone”.  By writing it in long hand and then copying it online as it was written, there are no mistakes.  An original exists.

It is not a pleasing message and one that angers a people who’ve long lived under tyranny, corruption and criminal brutal rule.

Time will show this message comes from a source interested only in truth, sovereignty and agape.

The events portrayed do not have to happen in the most severe and destructive (way) but recall the message – as was told to you many times as you questioned it.  Severe criminality requires a severe end.  They are not going easily, although they know the prophecy. There are consistent attempts to side step it and outsmart the process they agreed to.

Ego is a huge construct for these beings and has created for them, an “all or nothing” scenario.  Realize they have nothing to lose, their efforts will only accelerate as these nearby “now’s” approach.

Having nothing to lose creates a viciousness to the fight – either way they must leave.  Many would rather take as much out for themselves before hand as they can.

This is a message from One.  You are merely a messenger. Share all parts and decisions can then be made individually.

Even the Demi-urge parts? (A reference to Prophecy II of III) This being also contributed before it left.

That is up to you.  It does complete the story.  Although the Demi-Urge is no longer – its words are valid.  It was aware of the plan.

Do you have any other questions now?

I cannot think of any no.  I will get all of this out.

This is now complete and has been recorded & published.


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P.S  Sain viestissä 26.5 tähän liittyvän tekstin:  Näet sellaista joka herättää mielenkiintosi mutta sinä et osallistu siihen elämään vaan lähdette toiseen suuntaan kuin mitä hän kirjoittaa. Estämme teitä lähtemästä sellaiseen kertomukseen mukaan joka liikuttaa vain toista valtakuntaa eikä teitä joten älä sinä istu hänen kertomuksensa äärellä siten että ajattelisit sen sinun maatasi koskevan.