Not only are extraterrestrials very real, both the positive and negative groups are far more involved in our own lives than most of us could ever realize. Although many people now discount the classic spiritual teachings that we have received over the millennia, it turns out that nothing could be of greater significance for us to study and practice.


I remembered a communication with Raw-Tear-Eir where I was told that as the cosmic energies increased, the spheres would begin to fade out of our Sol System. At that time, there would be two other races that would then come and work more closely with humanity as they make the transition. Kaaree picked up on what I was thinking about, and interjected “You and I will be in contact far after the Guardians go out of phase”.


Gonzales said “No one really knows what is going to happen” when the expected solar event occurs. He said many of the elite believe that our star is about to do a "reset" of sorts. According to Gonzales this has occurred on a semi-regular basis, not only for our star but within our entire local star cluster for eons.

The Law of One perspective is that this is a natural event that promotes evolution and Ascension throughout the universe on naturally-repeating cycles of time. The most scientific and pragmatic of these "secret syndicates" believe the entire surface area of the Sun’s corona is about to mass eject. They believe the Sun will then go almost completely dark for a number of days before it re-awakens into a new state of equilibrium.

These syndicate “eggheads” believe that the proceeding energetic shockwave and the impact of this mega-CME would take out all communications, electronics and sources of electricity on earth. This would have a negative impact on our current infrastructure but would effectively remove all traces of the AI threat from our solar system. It would also provide the perfect opportunity to declassify and disseminate technologies to the whole planet at once.

Some of these syndicates further believe this will cause a flip in polarity of the Earth’s magnetic field, having a dramatic effect on every living creature on the planet. The neurology and magnetic fields of our bodies would be effected as would our consciousness.