March 1, 2018

Is there someone who wants to connect?

There is. It is I. It is One.

Thank you for coming forward.

There are things to say.

Yes. Please go ahead.

This event approaches your shores very rapidly now and you feel it. There are storms of energy. They intersect and intervene with other storms, creating an energetic avalanche. This is the feeling you have.

You cannot see it yet. You see evidence of it in your lives and media. You feel it in your unsettled moments. This will culminate in a cascade of color and light. The occurrence of this cascade is your signal that it has begun.

What exactly has begun?

The one-way journey taking you to another place. This place will be of your choosing.

Most of you have chosen already. What you see and feel now are the results of that choice.

This catalyzing event happens now.

Please be more specific. When exactly is now?

Now is a precise instant chosen by your central sun in cooperation with Gaia. Understand the effect the human has on this. You are not separate, but a part of Gaia. You, as a collective, skew and shape and direct and accelerate and slow down her progression and evolution. Each as components of the One.

As you recently found out, Sophia, your lengthy illness has manifested in your hair and recognized by one (who was) without prior knowledge of the illness at all.
(Note - My stylist asked me what was wrong with me, just last week, as she was cutting my hair. I had not told her anything. Sophia)

This is how oneness operates.

The impending event is a mutually driven one. The humans can speed its arrival with preparation, with readiness. It has been deemed that it will occur with the least damage and the maximum benefit. Trust that this is so.

An exact day can only be estimated - it is seen to approach rapidly and expected within weeks. Humans can change this, as can Gaia. Is this clear?

It is, yes.

This incoming celestial manifestation will take you all to another place. This place will be either wonderful or uncomfortable, according to your choice and preparation. You will decide alone.

Some will leave, either in body or not. Most of you have already decided. As is always the case, what this looks like for you will depend on your level of awareness and acceptance.

This is something new. All of you will know when it happens. There will be no mistaking it.

There is nothing to be fearful of.

All of you know on some level what this means. It was always part of this life's journey you are taking.

It is not the end of this life, yet it represents actual, physical alteration of this life.

Of our physical bodies?

Some of you will choose to exit when or as it occurs. This is rare.

The alteration is within.

As it is in every case, the changes within then manifest in your world. More light will emanate as your frequency has been accelerated. Your systems of control will disintegrate in this frequency. These include monetary, government, educational, health - all pseudo societal necessities will be removed and/or restructured.

What about the earth, and physical changes there?

Some places on the earth will shift. There will be calamity (perceived) and loss (perceived). This will not occur immediately at the moment of the approaching event - but soon after.

As your world appears to dissolve in chaos, it is important for you to recognize that a new world is coming right behind it. It already exists actually.

Your participation with this new world will color how it looks.

This is about the blind men discussing and describing an elephant. Where they stand determines what they feel and then describe.

This holds true for all of you, Sophia.

Your new world is waiting. Embrace whatever part you are close to and allow the whole to present itself. It will. You do not have long to wait.

It is no longer you are the ones you've been waiting for - but

You are the ones. You have anchored the light. It is done.

Thank you.

Goodbye Sophia. Well done.
Wow, wow, wow. Unpack your bags and put your hands in the air folks, I feel that we have boarded the ride, are sitting at the top of the first loop, and the operator is reaching for the switch to begin our trip!


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