12th Day of the Month

1. On this day focus on those things for which a question as to the creation of the whole can arise- If for example, a goose or a swan loses a feather, concentrate on what one could do so that the feather returns to its place. How could you put it back? Try to understand how you could create the unified whole or how you could recreate it!

Or take another example: a leaf falls from a tree. How could you bring it about so that the leaf returns again to its place and that the tree together with the leaf appears in its original condition? We are concerned here with concentrating upon bringing together separated elements of reality into a unified whole that represents their normal condition. Practicing this exercise fosters control over the manifestation of events. In this concentration exercise, as in all of the others. you can also take yourself as the object of the focus. You can reconstitute any of your physical organs.

A woman once came to me for advice. Her uterus had been surgically removed. You can understand what that means to a woman. I employed the same principles and methods that you now know - this woman again has a functioning and healthy uterus!

2. Focus intently on the sequence of seven numbers:

1854321   1854321

Focus intently on the sequence of nine numbers:

485321489   485321489

3. If you unite with the world through how you assimilate it through your own actions - your deeds are the essence of the world you will see that you are everywhere and always in harmony with the world.

You will see that the Creator, as he gave us his blessing, desired to be 1 with us. We should find unity there where divine evolution occurs In evolution lies the unity with God. Unity arises in every moment of movement of divine, genuine and enlightening creation. You move, you develop yourself in the direction of eternity - this will, in your eternal unfolding, always be your unity with the Creator. You act and develop yourself in the direction of eternity and this, in your progress through eternity, will be4ever in your unity with the Creator. Eternal life - this is the true unity with the Creator.


Torstaina olisi täysikuu. Toivottavasti siihen mennessä selviäisi joku työasia. Onkohan mun pakko antaa periksi ja lähteä siihen samaan entiseen työhön... pelkään sitä päivää kun sorrun siihen taas.